Charmies Magic Beader

Charmies Magic Beader by Flair

Finding exciting and engaging toys for your daughter (or granddaughter) isn’t always easy to do. There are hundreds of dolls and Barbie’s out there, but finding something that stands out and will have your child going wild isn’t all that easy. Instead of considering an ordinary doll this time, why not try and get something that can truly inspire your child’s creative side? The toy company, Flair, is well-known for its amazing range of toys, especially its line of creative sets, such as Charmies Magic Beader. With many similar products out there, what makes Charmies Magic Beader a great toy for the young lady in your life? First of all, the beads aren’t of the boring round multi-coloured variety, instead there is a great range of cute little beads that include miniature cakes, donuts, gingerbread men, and even little coloured bunnies. The set is suitable for any young lady over the age of six, and is very easy to use. There is something about creating jewellery and crafts that can really get little girls excited, so be prepared for the child to rip this toy out of your arms and want to play with it immediately.

So how exactly does the Magic Beader work? You just load up the “Charmies” you require into the Magic Beader, and then it’s time to twist the Magic Beader to string it all together into a unique design that your child can show off to friends and family. The set comes with more than fifty different beads, the Magic Beader, 2 metres of string, two key chains, and easy to follow instructions that will have your child making their own fashion accessories in no time! Worried about running out of beads and keychains? Luckily Flair even offers refill kits.

The only caution we will give you is that this is a toy that really is better suited for just one or maybe two people, so if you are looking to use this crafting kit in a bigger group you might want to consider getting more than one. Overall though, if you are looking for something a little different that will inspire the imaginations of your child then look no further than Charmies Magic Beader.

November 4, 2011
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