Charlie and Lola Poseable Bendable Talking Dolls

Charlie and Lola Poseable Bendable Talking Dolls

Charlie and Lola Talking DollsCharlie and Lola are two bright and unique characters from the popular pre-school programme that can be seen on BBC2 and Cbeebies. Charlie and Lola are the main characters, where Charlie is the big brother and Lola is the little sister.

Pre-school children enjoy this programme and will also love to have Charlie and Lola dolls right in their own home! Charlie and Lola Bendable Talking Dolls are some of the most popular toys on the market for young children. These dolls come in a pair and are packaged in an open box. Both Charlie and Lola dolls feature arms and legs that are bendable and easy for little hands to maneuver.

Charlie comes dressed in a shirt with his name on it, as well as a pair of blue trousers and trainers. Lola is beautifully dressed in a pink and orange dress with blue sandals. Best of all, the clothes on Charlie and Lola can be removed, making these dolls fun to dress and undress.
When squeezing Charlie’s belly, the doll says “I have this little sister Lola, she is small and very funny”. When squeezing Lola’s belly, the doll says back “I am not small, I am big”. Both dolls also giggle when their tummies are pressed. Pre-schoolers will love the familiar lines they hear during the programme.

Both poseable dolls are made from a soft fabric that can be easily surface cleaned. They are made to be durable and withstand frequent use. Charlie and Lola dolls are lightweight and easy to tote around, making them a pre-school favorite. Best of all, your pre-schooler will love to add to their bendable talking dolls by choosing books or DVDs from the large collection of Charlie and Lola accessories.

Batteries are included with the dolls, but are non-replaceable. Ideal ages for Charlie and Lola Bendable Talking Dolls are 3 years old and up.

October 5, 2009
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