Bratz Girls Really Rock Dolls

Bratz Girls Really Rock Doll

Bratz Girls Really Rock Dolls are so rock and roll. If your little girl loves her rock music and edgy punk fashions, these dolls are the perfect toy for her. If she’s got creative and independent interests, they will be inspirational. There are several dolls in the series including, Cloe, Jade and Sasha. But the most popular Bratz Girls Really Rock Doll–and the most widely available–is Cloe. Cloe is also the doll that comes with the main rock and roll kit which includes a full set of band equipment and a small and very awesome wardrobe. Cloe is an adorable doll that little girls will love. Her style is rocker and her attitude is that of self-expression. She has long blonde hair and enjoys playing guitar and drums. She is a strong role model sort of doll that you can be happy to give as a gift to your little girl. She will inspire creativity and confidence to any little girl.

Like all of the Bratz Dolls on the market, she has a unique short torso body, big eyes, a large head and pouty lips. She has plenty of long soft hair that any little girl will love to style and play with. She comes with two styles that she can wear for going out to rock. In order to change styles quickly, Bratz dolls come with removable feet with shoes already on them, so little girls can keep up with the shoes easier with Bratz than they can with other dolls. Cloe comes with two pairs of heels. Her first outfit comes with shiny black skinny pants. There’s a brimmed cap and a hot chunky belt. The belt buckle and straps around the heel area of the pants have shiny red accents. Cloe has white boots and a red and white shirt with black and silver accents.

In order to turn the look around, you can switch these boots out for black tall boots and a shiny must have black dress. The little dress has gold accents and edgy white stitching. What more can your pretty little rock and roller ask for?

October 8, 2009
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