Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV 10 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV 10 Blaster

With Christmas fast approaching, there are a lot of people who want to get their shopping started. Although the holidays are meant to be a time of fun, peace and relaxation, a lot of people stress over the gifts that they have to buy. Shopping can be easier for some people that it is for others, and shopping for toys for children can be complicated for a number of different reasons.

There are a lot of different toys on the market, so it can be quite complicated when it comes to shopping for the perfect toys to give during the Christmas season.

Kids usually have a good idea of what they want, and usually don’t have a problem with letting it be known. However, there can be some times when kids may not exactly be sure about what they want. In cases such as this, it may be necessary to go out and make a decision such as the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV 10 Blaster.

Finding a great toy to give during the holiday season should be fairly easy. There are usually a lot of commercials on TV that advertise the latest toys that kids usually go crazy for. One of the most popular toys on the market today are Nerf dart blasters. These toys are safe because they are brightly coloured and fire soft foam darts. The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV 10 Blaster by Hasbro is one of the most powerful blasters on the market, and kids of various age groups can enjoy playing with them.

This particular dart blaster is able to fire darts in rapid succession, providing tons of fun for kids who love fast paced action. There are a number of different games that kids can play with these awesome dart blasters. Constructed of high quality plastic, which is brightly coloured with orange and yellow. Most toys are brightly coloured but Nerf products are exceptionally colourful and cool. Some of the best things about these toys is that they can help kids have hours of fun. These blasters can also be used to help kids learn important new skills, like leadership and organisation. Some of the toys that children like to play with are safer than others, but Nerf specialises in products that are especially safe.

November 3, 2011
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Top Agents Super Racer

Top Agents Super Racer by Playmobil

Every little boy has played cops and robbers. But as your little rough-and-tumble boy grows a little older, he may inform you he wants to be a spy. Indulge his creative fantasies with the Top Agents Super Racer by Playmobil. Your son’s imagination will soar as he infiltrates the enemy headquarters to save the world.

This versatile toy is equipped with everything an experienced spy will need to accomplish his mission. Whether your little boy’s adventures take him over land or across the sea, the Top Agents Super Racer is read to speed over terrain or float in turbulent waters. The white spy car features secret wings that fold in and out and even hidden missiles that fire to destroy evil lairs.

As your child races through the dangers of whatever his imagination conjures he will develop important cognitive skills. Playing spy involves mental skills that include creation and problem solving. Every play session will bring new crime problems, new characters and bad guys, new top secret locations, and dangerous missions to be carried out.

This unique spy car helps kids return to their creative roots, away from the TV and the game consoles that require zero imagination. Yet your child will have no trouble making his own fun with the help of this versatile toy. This land and water spy mobile encourages healthy development even as your little boy saves the world from the evil plots of the bad guys who threaten to destroy it.

Following the adventures of the top secret agents who seek to defeat the trouble-making Robo gangsters, the Super Racer toys have been named among the most innovative produced throughout 2011. The white toy automobile comes with a little secret agent figure and other small accessories best suited for kids 7 and older.

The Secret Agent Super Racer has proven an extremely popular toy item. With the holidays quickly approaching, supplies are diminishing. So take advantage of the opportunity to foster your child’s imagination and sense of adventure. He will enjoy hours of endless entertainment as the Super Racer transports him through top secret missions.

November 2, 2011
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Tomy GX Buggy

Tomy GX Buggy

If your child loves remote controlled vehicles and just can’t seem to get enough of these vehicles, look no further than the Tomy GX Buggy. This small race car allows them to play to their hearts desire, and thankfully the car is not expensive, so you never break the bank when buying the latest gift for your child.

One of the best features of the new Tomy GX Buggy is its ability to be controlled by a single controller, even when there are multiple cars being used. This means you are able to control several different cars with the same controller. This allows you to use multiple cars at the same time, without purchasing multiple controllers. This is especially helpful when your child is playing with other individuals who have the same Tomy GX Buggy car.

You do need two different sets of batteries. For the remote control you need two AAA batteries to power the car, while with the GX Buggy itself you need four AA batteries. Non of these batteries are included so you need to make sure to purchase these batteries on the side, otherwise the race car is not going to work.

The Tomy GX Buggy is not large, as the entire package is 10 by 11 by 21 centimetres. The car is even smaller, once removed from the packaging. Although, with the smaller size it does make it easier to purchase online and have it shipped to you. Due to the lighter size of the package the shipping should cost you less, saving you additional funds when you buy the car.

The remote control has a single trigger that fires up the engine on the vehicle. Once the engine is going you are able to steer the car with the small steering wheel built on the side of the controller. This allows you to turn the vehicle to the left or to the right. If you have multiple cars attached to the 2.4GHz transmission frequency of the remote control, all of the cars follow suit and turn the same direction.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child that loves race cars, you need not look any further than the Tomy GX Buggy race car.

November 2, 2011
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Lego City Police Boat

Lego City Police Boat

Legos are one of the most popular children’s toys and it’s one of the few toys that children can take apart and play with again and again. The City Police Boat 7287 is a great option as it’s a larger piece, measuring 16 inches (40 centimetres) long and as an added bonus, it floats!

The boat has a number of great features including a lego police officer that has his own left vest, and the boat has a spotlight that really shines making it easy to catch the crook in the water. Kids can have tons of fun with this lego police boat and since it includes a police helicopter, 2 police officers, and one robber it’s great for one child or many as they can let their imagination run wild.

The police boat comes in 200 pieces as well as an instruction booklet and goes together in 24 easy to follow steps. Kids can be combating robbers in and out of the tub with the boat, helicopter, and policemen. The boat even comes equipped with a single speed submersible motor (AA battery) that runs in water making it a real life crime hunt! The boat also features below-deck storage for things like binoculars and life vests and comes with lego-sized walkie talkies for police communication.

There is a brig on the hull of the ship to hold the convict, so once you’ve chased the convict with the boat, helicopter and the police on foot, you can bring the convict back to the bring on the hull of the ship to watch him and make sure he doesn’t escape. You can even use the 360 degree spotlight to keep watch and interrogate him during the night.

The Lego Police Boat 7287 is a great option for any kids as it comes with a full range of accessories and it’s everything you need all in one box. Let their imagination run wild while they chase and incarcerate convicts keeping your living room and bathroom safe from lego convicts. With so many pieces to play with, the Lego Police Boat equals hours and hours of fun for your kids.

November 2, 2011
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