Geomag Kids 66 Piece Colour Set

Geomag Kids 66 Piece Colour Set

Looking for a perfect gift for that special boy this Christmas? Geomag, the leader in magnetic construction toys, should be at the top of your list. Invented in 1995, Geomag is made in Switzerland to the exacting standards Switzerland is known for. It meets or exceeds worldwide toy safety standards. A wide variety of different sets is available, including a new vehicle construction set.

The basic sets are made up of magnetic rods and chrome spheres. A huge number of geometric shapes can be made, and architecture is introduced with easy structures. The magnetic rod design is patented, and has excellent connective strength. The differing sets are differently coloured. The 66 piece set is aqua and blue, 44 piece set is royal blue and light blue, 22 piece set is yellow and orange, and 88 piece set is blue and green.

The panels sets are a perfect complement to the basic construction set. A number of rods and spheres is included in each set, with the 114 piece panel set has 18 square panels and 32 triangular panels in green and blue. The 74 piece panel set has 12 square and 20 triangular panels in orange and yellow.

Also available are the Glow in the Dark panel set, in 37 piece and 76 piece sets. The translucent tiles and panels have creepy designs on them. When added to the regular sets they help form stiffer buildings. The 37 piece set has 7 panels and 7 translucent tiles, while the 76 piece set has 14 panels and 18 translucent tiles.

Recently introduced, Geomag now includes kits to build cars and trucks. A 22 piece Drag Launcher, 100 piece Monster Jam Twin Pack, 20 piece Sports Car and 62 piece Hot Rod Cars Twin Pack are available. Designed to be crashed and then rebuilt, boys of any age will find these hard to resist.

The Drag Launcher kit will build 1 car with wheels, tyres, hubcaps and stickers to personalise it. The launcher is included. The Monster truck kit is simple to build with trademarked clickeasy wheels and powergo for fastest launch speed. Launch them over ramps, rings, barrels and high jumps. The course can be changed and there are three different truck designs.

The Fast sports car allows a car to be built, but does not include the launcher. The steel spheres are chromed, and it includes twice the number of stickers in the drag launcher kit.

62 piece car kit includes all parts to build 4 toy cars. Build them all and race them over the ramps which are included. One launcher and a catapult come with the kit. Have races or launch the cars- how far will they travel?

Look no further to complete the Christmas shopping. All the boys will simply be thrilled with the Geomag kids 66 piece colour set, and these toys are built to last.

November 5, 2011
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Connect 4 Launchers

Connect 4 Launchers by Hasbro

Hasbro’s new Connect 4 Launchers puts a whole new spin on the original game Connect 4. The added flare is sure to delight children everywhere with the new excitement of launching checkers. Not only has the fun changed but also the rules of this flying checkers challenge have become more expansive and stimulating than ever before. With such an electrifying twist to a classic it is sure to have your little ones ready to play again and again.

With Connect 4 Launchers there are three different ways to play instead of boring basic play. You can play Basic Frantic, Championship Frantic or Advanced Power and they all have two different ways to win. You can win by getting the acquired amount of checkers in a row or earning the required amount of points. In Basic Frantic the object of the game is sending your checkers flying through the air until you have four in a row or earn four points. Championship Frantic adds to the game with having to achieve five flying checkers in a row or five points. With Advance Power is becomes a checker power play. The harder the level the more exhilarating plays. It doesn’t matter which level you play at you are always sure to have fun.

The set up for Connect 4 Launchers is much different than the original Connect 4’s vertical stance. Connect 4 launchers has a two level grid trays separated by four standing pillars which give it a new look. It comes with twenty-one red checkers, twenty-one yellow checkers, a red checker launcher, a yellow checker launcher and easy to understand instructions. It allows two or more players to sit down for an invigorating game of chance and skill. You can start playing at as young as five but you never have to stop, no matter how old you are.

Connect 4 Launchers is easy to store with parts that easily break down to fit into its portable box. The boxes dimensions are compact at about a foot across and five inches deep. The size makes it a great game to transport anywhere your children go. Connect 4 Launchers is a great game for anytime or any place.

November 4, 2011
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Spy Net Video Watch

Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks Pacific

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little spy, the Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks Pacific is the perfect item for you and your children. This watch, which does tell the time and act as a standard watch has several other features, allowing the ordinary watch to turn into a spy watch with just a few buttons. The watch won’t break the bank and your child is sure to love it.

Before the watch is able to function, it does need batteries installed. Three AAA batteries are inserted into the underside of the watch in order for it to run. Of course, so batteries are required, you also need replacements. Make sure to give some replacement batteries, for when the device is worn down and no longer working.

There is a small video camera installed in the device, allowing your little spy to record short videos. These videos can then be played back on the screen in the middle of the watch the single press of a button. This way, your child is always able to spy on victims and play back the video to prove what they say. The watch is capable of holding up to 20 minutes worth of recorded video. The watch also has an audio recording feature and still digital camera, so when video is not needed, your little spy is able to take in audio messages and still images. The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch can hold up to four hours of audio and up to 2000 images.

On top of the self recording video option, the Spy Net Video Watch has some preinstalled missions, which are perfect for keeping your child busy. These video files are played, just like a standard video your child records, and is sure to set them off on their own, small adventure.

If your spy wants to record additional content, but the hard drive on the watch is full, have no fear, as a provided USB cable allows you to directly sync up the device to the watch and upload content to the computer. Once the files are on the computer, they are able to access the file information at any time and continue to record material on their spy watch.

November 3, 2011
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Mega Bloks Halo EVAs Last Stand

Mega Bloks Halo EVA’s Last Stand

Recently released Mega blocks Halo Eva’s Last Stand, recently hit the store shelves. Promising to be a big item on this year’s Christmas list, this is a must have for the Mega bloks lovers. At a retail price of around £20, this wonderful gift is affordable.

Ready to build and to fight, this set comes complete with the EVA Spartan. Other characters include two Covenant Hunters and of course an assault rifle. It is a complete war torn battle for survival in this Mega Bloks game. Eva Spartan is green and he just so happens to be the last UNSC soldier that survived his unit. Trying to make his escape from the two hunters, he runs into a warthog. The warthog has seen better days and is a bit damaged. This game set allows your child to recreate the famous last stand, like in the popular video game “Halo”. It is an easy build and not to difficult for the average Mega Bloks builder.

This set is made for children over 8 years of age. It should not be used for children under 3, as it contains small pieces, which may be harmful to their health. This building set comes with a lifetime guarantee from Mega Bloks. The average rating on this toy is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is a good rating for any toy.

This is one of many sets in the Halo line. Children enjoy Mega Bloks, because it allows their imagination to run wild. To add more pieces to the collection, you may want to consider the Halo Battle scape. Collect all the pieces in the series such as: Halo UNSC Falcon Helicopter, Halo Covenant Brute Prowler, Halo Combat Unit 5 Assortment, Halo Covenant Banshee, Halo Drop Pod Assortment, Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Arctic White Wolverine and Halo Covenant Brute Prowler.

No matter which sets you choose for your children, they are sure to enjoy all the different Halo sets. Add The Halon Falcon Helicopter to the Eva’s Last Stand and have a mega battle. Eva’s Last Stand is already selling out in some stores, be sure to get your Mega Bloks set today. The Christmas season is fast approaching and making sure your child has the hottest toys is important.

November 3, 2011
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