Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Bens Mark 10 Car

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ben’s Mark 10 Car

Bens Mark 10 CarThe Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ben’s Mark 10 Car debuted in the live-action movie Ben 10:Alien Swaim as a Mazda. The Mark 10 car was a gift from Kevin. This car is now available for collectors and alien hunters! The car is back in colour with neon green trim.

Ben’s Mark 10 Car can be transformed into four different modes. A car, jet plane, hover vehicle and submarine. The jet mode has a red firing eagle missile while the submarine mode has a shark headed rocket. Each vehicle mounts three firing missile pods to take out alien fighters. The primary missile is on top and the secondary missiles are located one on the top and another on the wing. The car comes with an exclusive Ben 10 green figure that can ride in the vehicle. Any of the Ben 10 10cm figures can drive the car or be passengers, just place them in through the windows.

Ben 10 10cm figures are sold separately and can be used with the Mark 10 car to either ride in it or to be destroyed. This figures and the car can give any child a fun filled time and give them the chance to use their imagination. The car is easily transformed into the different modes, with the box showing each of the different modes for those who need pictures to figure out the changes.

If the aliens are over land, sea or in the air this Ben 10 vehicle is ready to go anywhere. Help Ben keep the world a better place with destroying one alien at a time. Other vehicles are sold separately. Come join the alien force today and have a good time doing it.

This toy is recommended for ages four and up. Dimensions 10cm high, 14cm wide, 30cm depth and weighs in at 0.586kg.

November 2, 2010
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