Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo Choo Train

Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo Choo Train

Amazing Animals TrainWhen finding a toy for a young child, parents often look for something that is beneficial to their development while able to keep their little one’s attention for a decent length of time. The Fisher Price Amazing Animal Train is able to do both of these things. After being voted Parent’s Magazine Best Toys of the Year award, 2006, it will be no surprise when this toy becomes a favorite of both the parents and child.

The Fisher Price Amazing Animal Train includes three cars which each hold a different friend. Each animal has moveable joints and ears that are perfect for the teething toddler. The animals also come in a car with activities that are perfect to keep children entertained. Placing the different animals in the front of the train causes more fun by playing music that switches between four songs. Between the activities, music, and lights, no child could resist the fun that this animal train will provide.

This toy also has the ability to grow as the baby grows. Two modes are provided. The first is the sitting mode that is a perfect chance for a baby with limited mobility to explore and get to know the animals. The second mode is a motion sensor that makes the train go. The older baby will adore chasing after the train and figuring out how to make it start moving. The developmental benefits of this train include fine motor and gross motor skills.

The Fisher Price Amazing Animal Sing and Go Choo Choo Train is 18 x 58.4 x 33 centimeters and has a shipping weight of 6.7 pounds. The recommended age for this toy is between six months and three years old. Three size C batteries are required to make this train work, allowing for hours of fun.

October 5, 2009
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