Spy Net Video Watch

Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks Pacific

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little spy, the Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks Pacific is the perfect item for you and your children. This watch, which does tell the time and act as a standard watch has several other features, allowing the ordinary watch to turn into a spy watch with just a few buttons. The watch won’t break the bank and your child is sure to love it.

Before the watch is able to function, it does need batteries installed. Three AAA batteries are inserted into the underside of the watch in order for it to run. Of course, so batteries are required, you also need replacements. Make sure to give some replacement batteries, for when the device is worn down and no longer working.

There is a small video camera installed in the device, allowing your little spy to record short videos. These videos can then be played back on the screen in the middle of the watch the single press of a button. This way, your child is always able to spy on victims and play back the video to prove what they say. The watch is capable of holding up to 20 minutes worth of recorded video. The watch also has an audio recording feature and still digital camera, so when video is not needed, your little spy is able to take in audio messages and still images. The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch can hold up to four hours of audio and up to 2000 images.

On top of the self recording video option, the Spy Net Video Watch has some preinstalled missions, which are perfect for keeping your child busy. These video files are played, just like a standard video your child records, and is sure to set them off on their own, small adventure.

If your spy wants to record additional content, but the hard drive on the watch is full, have no fear, as a provided USB cable allows you to directly sync up the device to the watch and upload content to the computer. Once the files are on the computer, they are able to access the file information at any time and continue to record material on their spy watch.

November 3, 2011
Filed under boys toys, spy net video watch

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