Scalextric Velodrome Cycling Set

Scalextric Velodrome Cycling Set by Hornby

The extraordinary success of Great Britain’s (GB) track cyclist’s team at the last two Olympic Games inspired the designers of the Scalextric Velodrome Cycling Set. The designers were so successful in their creation that this incredible set has been selected as one of the top ranking toys of 2011.

The cycling set may not sound inviting yet it is one of the most exciting track games on the market. It offers the traditional slot racing format with two cyclists dressed in Team GB racing gear, one team on the black line and one on the blue. The two cyclist race each other on a rectangle track with rounded corners. For further anticipation, there are narrow sections of the track that delivers an extra challenge.

The set comes with a controller to spin the cyclist around the 272cm velodrome. The total amount of space required to set up the track is 105 x 61cm. But make sure and have additional space for when the race is on and the players begin, for there will be plenty of action during the game.

The Scalextric Velodrome cycling set does not require batteries since the cyclists are powered by electricity. In addition, the bikes have gripping magnets that are a desirable bonus when the tracks come closer together. Even more challenging when the race is on are the two barriers or chicanes that test the limits of the cyclist.

This amazing cycling set is the first of its kind and comes with 2 bikes and riders, 15 track pieces, 2 remote controllers, an instruction manual, a spare parts bag and 3 scenery card inserts. The set comes in several pieces which need to be fitted together. The step by step instructions make it quite user friendly and easy to assemble. It game is not recommended for children under 4 years because of the small parts. The cycling set is ideal for adults and children age 4 and older. In fact, it is perfect for enhancing a child’s development and is a fun way to improve hand and eye coordination.

The Scalextric Velodrome cycling set is sure to be a collector’s item and is expected to sell out quickly. It is available in most toy stores as well as on the Scalextric website.

November 2, 2011
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