Play-Doh Twirl n Top Pizza Play Set

Baking up Fun with the Play-Doh Twirl ‘n’ Top Pizza Set!

Is there a young chef in the making in your home? If so, Play-Doh’s Twirl ‘n’ Top Pizza Play Set might be just the right thing to buy for him! Created by Hasbro, this play set has everything your little baker needs to put together the perfect pizza.

The set comes with four containers of Play-Doh. The five-ounce container is filled with wheat-brown Play-Doh to create the crust. Three two-ounce containers are filled with colours: white for cheese, red for tomatoes, and green for peppers.

The play set gets its name from the cheese sprinkler stand that comes with the set. Your little one first creates the pizza crust in the pizza pie pan mould then sets it on a tray on the stand. He adds the white Play-Doh to the sprinkler, turns the handle and out comes cheese. Then all he has to do is twirl the tray and presto! The cheese sprinkles down over every part of the pizza!

The set also comes with a mould tray for making a variety of toppings for the pizza using the brightly-coloured Play-Doh. The oven is connected to the cheese sprinkler stand and is just the right size for popping the pizza into. Then he can serve the pizza using the pizza cutter, the triangle serving spatula and the serving plate. The best part is, once he’s through he can start all over again! He can create nearly any kind of pizza he wants, and if he runs out of ideas, the set also comes with an instruction manual full of tips and interesting creations.

The Play-Doh Twirl ‘n’ Top Pizza shop from Hasbro was created for children ages three and up, according to Remember to keep an eye on very young children when using this product. These little pizzas will look so good they just might be tempted to gobble them up!

The set retails for an average price of 9.36 Pounds in the UK., according to the manufacturer. Get a little creative by trying out different colours of Play-Doh! You never know, your young one may become a gourmet chef one day and he’ll have his Play-Doh Twirl ‘n’ Top Pizza Set to thank for it!

November 3, 2011
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