Moon Sand Bake Shop

Moon Sand Bake Shop by Spinmaster

The Moon Sand Bake Shop is a lightweight interactive playset that children will enjoy. Moon sand is a soft, flexible, and harmless sand that retains its moisture so it will never become stiff and unusable. Each play set comes with three sets of moon sand in different colours including pink, purple and white. Children will be amazed by the fully functional mixer that is used to create their sensational desserts.
Included in the playset are plenty of molds that add realism to the play set. Kids will find a cake mould, cookie mould, Bundt cake mould, cupcake mould, egg mould and a butter mould. Kids could virtually create a small bakery with the diverse set of tools included. For easier handling, this playset includes a spatula and spoons.

Utilizing craft paint sold in most craft stores, one can paint the final product in order to customise it for a special occasion such as a birthday or Mother’s day treats. This playset weighs only 3.52 pounds and can easily be transported to other locations for playtime with friends and family. Children age three and up are recommended for the Moon Sand Bake Shop, and parents are welcome to participate.

The Moon Sand Bake Shop Play set increases children’s awareness of baking and cooking in general. The variety of utensils and baking supplies included expand the knowledge of a child’s baking skills. Additional moon sand colours can be purchased separately to enhance the diverse sets of cakes, cookies and cupcakes that children can make with the Moon Sand Bake Shop Playset.

Ultimately, the density and makeup of Moon Sand allows children to utilise this playset for as long as they wish. Moon Sand stays moist and flexible and is conducive for multiple uses with this play set. Children can display their masterpieces gracefully on the accompanying plate. There is no need to purchase additional utensils or moulds because the Moon Sand Bake Shop Playset comes equipped with over ten separate moulds and utensils that allow children to create a variety of desserts in an easy and efficient manner. Parents will appreciate the degree of imagination that children can apply while constructing Moon Sand desserts.

November 2, 2011
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