Mega Bloks Halo EVAs Last Stand

Mega Bloks Halo EVA’s Last Stand

Recently released Mega blocks Halo Eva’s Last Stand, recently hit the store shelves. Promising to be a big item on this year’s Christmas list, this is a must have for the Mega bloks lovers. At a retail price of around £20, this wonderful gift is affordable.

Ready to build and to fight, this set comes complete with the EVA Spartan. Other characters include two Covenant Hunters and of course an assault rifle. It is a complete war torn battle for survival in this Mega Bloks game. Eva Spartan is green and he just so happens to be the last UNSC soldier that survived his unit. Trying to make his escape from the two hunters, he runs into a warthog. The warthog has seen better days and is a bit damaged. This game set allows your child to recreate the famous last stand, like in the popular video game “Halo”. It is an easy build and not to difficult for the average Mega Bloks builder.

This set is made for children over 8 years of age. It should not be used for children under 3, as it contains small pieces, which may be harmful to their health. This building set comes with a lifetime guarantee from Mega Bloks. The average rating on this toy is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is a good rating for any toy.

This is one of many sets in the Halo line. Children enjoy Mega Bloks, because it allows their imagination to run wild. To add more pieces to the collection, you may want to consider the Halo Battle scape. Collect all the pieces in the series such as: Halo UNSC Falcon Helicopter, Halo Covenant Brute Prowler, Halo Combat Unit 5 Assortment, Halo Covenant Banshee, Halo Drop Pod Assortment, Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Arctic White Wolverine and Halo Covenant Brute Prowler.

No matter which sets you choose for your children, they are sure to enjoy all the different Halo sets. Add The Halon Falcon Helicopter to the Eva’s Last Stand and have a mega battle. Eva’s Last Stand is already selling out in some stores, be sure to get your Mega Bloks set today. The Christmas season is fast approaching and making sure your child has the hottest toys is important.

November 3, 2011
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