Lego City Police Boat

Lego City Police Boat

Legos are one of the most popular children’s toys and it’s one of the few toys that children can take apart and play with again and again. The City Police Boat 7287 is a great option as it’s a larger piece, measuring 16 inches (40 centimetres) long and as an added bonus, it floats!

The boat has a number of great features including a lego police officer that has his own left vest, and the boat has a spotlight that really shines making it easy to catch the crook in the water. Kids can have tons of fun with this lego police boat and since it includes a police helicopter, 2 police officers, and one robber it’s great for one child or many as they can let their imagination run wild.

The police boat comes in 200 pieces as well as an instruction booklet and goes together in 24 easy to follow steps. Kids can be combating robbers in and out of the tub with the boat, helicopter, and policemen. The boat even comes equipped with a single speed submersible motor (AA battery) that runs in water making it a real life crime hunt! The boat also features below-deck storage for things like binoculars and life vests and comes with lego-sized walkie talkies for police communication.

There is a brig on the hull of the ship to hold the convict, so once you’ve chased the convict with the boat, helicopter and the police on foot, you can bring the convict back to the bring on the hull of the ship to watch him and make sure he doesn’t escape. You can even use the 360 degree spotlight to keep watch and interrogate him during the night.

The Lego Police Boat 7287 is a great option for any kids as it comes with a full range of accessories and it’s everything you need all in one box. Let their imagination run wild while they chase and incarcerate convicts keeping your living room and bathroom safe from lego convicts. With so many pieces to play with, the Lego Police Boat equals hours and hours of fun for your kids.

November 2, 2011
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