Harumika Bridal

Harumika Bridal by Bandai

If you love bridal collections, then you are definitely going to love the Bandai Harumika which will turn all girls into little fashion designers. If your child has a passion for designing, then they can put their creative abilities to use and actually create their very own fashion lines with all of the Harumika sets. There are no needles and thread that is involved in these collections because the fabric is actually wrapped around the tailor’s dummy. You can decorate it however you want using the included accessories in the box.

In the box you will receive two dummies, two necklaces, thirteen luxury fabrics, eight trimmings and one tulle skirt. You will also receive gemstone stickers which are on a 2D sheet and one screen also. There are many different things that are included in this collection that you can actually take advantage of. Children should really put their creative minds to use with all of the extras. This is definitely recommended for children ages 6 years and up who have a passion for fashion design. This is not suitable for children that are under 36 months because there area many choking hazards due to small parts that are included in the box.

You can buy this for your little girl for a very small price, and it will make a perfect Christmas gift. You can surprise your child with this amazing gift. You can actually buy it online or at many local stores. It is highly available so you won’t have to worry about not finding it. There are so many different pieces that children can use in this collection to design their piece just how they want it. There is no set way of how to make their design.

The bridal collection actually allows children to look at things from a whole different perspective. Weddings are definitely big and this gives all children a chance to design the wedding dress of their choice. This is all very good encouragement for children who are really serious about going into the fashion industry. There are many opportunities available with this collection.

November 3, 2011
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