Gelarti Designer Studio

Gelarti Designer Studio

These Gelarti art stickers manufactured by Flair come in a portable art studio container. The package contains over thirty stickers, four different colour paint pens, glitter paints, activity book, twelve gems, six three dimensional accessories, and a gem and marbling tool. This tool is double ended; one side for the gem and the other for marbling. The stickers are not coloured as they will be coloured uniquely by the user. Once the stickers are coloured and decorated, they can be placed wherever desired. They are not permanently stuck once placed on a surface; these stickers are easily removed and replaced. The portable art studio is great for quick and easy storing that does not take a lot of room. This art kit is suggested for children ages five and older.

Gelarti has both scene packs and individual activity packs. The scene pack has about six hours of play in it. The scenes include: ocean, rock, fashion, birds, butterflies, and mermaids. The activity pack includes tags for book bags and greeting cards. It has lots of unique ideas on how to decorate items with the Gelarti stickers.

The Gelarti designer art studio weighs 549 grams and does not require either batteries or assembly of any kind. There are no listed dimensions listed by the manufacturer, Flair. The Gelarti designer art studio is cute and compact; it holds all the paint pens, stickers, and extra accessories nicely. Being brightly coloured, it is sure to appeal to the taste of little girls. Although this is a cute item, it does carry a choking hazard and shouldn’t be given to children under 3 years of age. For children under eight years of age, this item should be used only under adult supervision.

These stickers are good for decorating, books, mobile phones, laptops, walls, mirrors, and virtually anything else! At such a reasonable price, now is a great time to order these for the little girl in your life. It makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, any other special occasion, or even just because! They are sure to love every second of play with this creative sticker decorator.

November 2, 2011
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