Connect 4 Launchers

Connect 4 Launchers by Hasbro

Hasbro’s new Connect 4 Launchers puts a whole new spin on the original game Connect 4. The added flare is sure to delight children everywhere with the new excitement of launching checkers. Not only has the fun changed but also the rules of this flying checkers challenge have become more expansive and stimulating than ever before. With such an electrifying twist to a classic it is sure to have your little ones ready to play again and again.

With Connect 4 Launchers there are three different ways to play instead of boring basic play. You can play Basic Frantic, Championship Frantic or Advanced Power and they all have two different ways to win. You can win by getting the acquired amount of checkers in a row or earning the required amount of points. In Basic Frantic the object of the game is sending your checkers flying through the air until you have four in a row or earn four points. Championship Frantic adds to the game with having to achieve five flying checkers in a row or five points. With Advance Power is becomes a checker power play. The harder the level the more exhilarating plays. It doesn’t matter which level you play at you are always sure to have fun.

The set up for Connect 4 Launchers is much different than the original Connect 4’s vertical stance. Connect 4 launchers has a two level grid trays separated by four standing pillars which give it a new look. It comes with twenty-one red checkers, twenty-one yellow checkers, a red checker launcher, a yellow checker launcher and easy to understand instructions. It allows two or more players to sit down for an invigorating game of chance and skill. You can start playing at as young as five but you never have to stop, no matter how old you are.

Connect 4 Launchers is easy to store with parts that easily break down to fit into its portable box. The boxes dimensions are compact at about a foot across and five inches deep. The size makes it a great game to transport anywhere your children go. Connect 4 Launchers is a great game for anytime or any place.

November 4, 2011
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