Bizu Style Studio

Bizu Style Studio By Spinmaster

Everyone knows that children love to use their imaginations to create fun and interesting toys. Give a couple of six year olds a big box and a marker and they will have fun for hours. This is what the inspiration behind the Bizu Style Studio was. Giving kids the ability to create and have hours of fun.

To begin the Bizu Style Studio comes with a tower full of compartments that are filled with different beads. Next you turn the columns to mix together the bead, hit the release and now you are ready to create your very own animal creation. Now you just string the beads onto the stretchy string, make a couple of twists and you have created your very own original animal toy.

Not only is this toy for ages six and up going to provide hours of fun, but it allows your children the satisfaction of creating something of their very own. Nothing will fill your child with more pride than making something from scratch.

In addition to making little animal toys your children can also create bracelets and necklaces to wear and show off. They can trade and collect with their friends which make this toy interactive. Do not worry if they run out of beads because Bizu has many different bead packages so that they can mix and match for new creations.

Think of the joy on your children’s face when they show off the animals, bracelets, and necklaces they have made. Think of the pride you will feel knowing that you bought this super cool toy for them. The starter kit comes with the tower, beads, stretchy string, and the stringing tool. So they can get started as soon as they open the box.

This easy to use toy will give your children hours of fun and give them a creative outlet like they have never had before. This is the perfect toy to give as a birthday gift or just a reward for good grades.

It does not matter why your give it, because you know they will love it and will not stop creating till the beads are all gone.

November 3, 2011
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