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Badge It!

Badge It! is £20.00 fun factory of badges, real quality badges. This is a toy badge-making machine for children from six years old and above. The Badge It! badge maker includes badge maker materials enough to create 15 pieces of 3-cm diameter round badges. With this toy badge maker, kids from 6 years of age and up surely enjoy being creative and expressive of their graphic talents and skills. This little badge factory is quite simple to use and play around. If a 6-year-old could operate it and playfully create a metal badge using this little badge-making machine, it certainly is a toy for anybody of this age and older.

Using their creative instincts and ingenuity, kids could use picture from magazines, print outs from digital photos which they could photograph themselves, and other illustrations and drawings that might interest them. They may just map out these images with the included template, cut them out and with the included metal materials, they can place these inside the Badge It! badge maker and, voila, quality metal badges are crafted. They could play with these badges. They could also decorate their rooms and accessorize their bags and clothes with these badges. Indeed, this is a very good way for kids to enhance their artistic abilities and skills while enjoying the fun way of producing real metal badges with this little badge factory. It’s also a pretty cool way to brighten up a kid’s day of games and creative fun.

With the Badge It! or the Super Badge It! versions of this toy badge-making factory, kids surely enjoy making round and/or rectangular badges of various dimensions using the materials and some cool images included in these starter kits. Refill packs are also available for both versions so kids can have continuous supply of badge-making materials.

For the Badge It! version of badge makers, refill packs are available in 15-pc 3-cm diameter round badges and in 30-pc 3-cm diameter round badges. Refill packs for the Super Badge It! version have 10 pieces of 4-cm round budges, 5 pieces of 3-cm round badges, and 10 pieces of rectangular.

November 3, 2011
Filed under badge it, girls toys

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