VTech Kidiminiz Pets

VTech Kidiminiz Pets

VTech Kidiminiz pets are interactive learning device that your kids will love! Designed to encourage responsibility and caring amongst pre-school aged children, Kidiminiz will become your child’s new best friend. There are six different Kidiminiz with a variety of colours to choose from: Pink and Purple Kitten, Green and White Kitten, Pink Bunny, Orange and Purple Bunny, Blue and Lime puppy, and Purple Puppy.

Kidiminiz are interactive with both your children and other Kidiminiz! Each Kidiminiz comes with their favourite toy food. Wave the food in front of your Kidiminiz and see how it reacts! Watch how it chases its favourite food! Another interactive feature of each Pet is a built-in alarm clock that wakes children to music. Make your morning routine easier with an alarm clock that the kids will love!

Your children will have hours of fun with their pets singing, dancing and playing games! Want to get your pet dancing? Start clapping! Kidiminiz are also interactive with each other! Put the animals together and watch them sing and dance. Kidiminiz come with interchangeable parts, so your kids will have a blast mixing and matching. In addition, your kids can change each pet’s nose, mouth, eyes and expression!

Your pre-school kids will enjoy learning how to take care of a pet. Kidiminiz provide many developmental benefits for your child. Children will develop their problem solving skills by playing mini games that encourage strategic thinking and logic. Children will also learn about cause and effect by watching as their pet reacts to their action. Your child’s hand eye coordination will also develop as they interact with their pet!
This is a durable toy that will withstand the occasional drop on the floor or fling across the room. Its high level of customization and interaction will have your pre-schooler occupied for hours. Don’t miss VTech’s Kidiminiz this Christmas season!


* Mini games for kids to play
* Changeable face
* 24 hr alarm clock with jolly music
* Interacts with other Kidiminiz pets
* Six different Kidiminiz to collect
* Takes 3 AAA batteries (included)
* Suitable for ages 3 and up

October 26, 2011
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