Vtech Innotab

Learning Starts With The Vtech Innotab

The geniuses at Vtech have done it again. The latest creation to roll out of their development shop is the fabulous new InnoTab, a functional tablet toy/learning device that will satisfy every child’s desire to have a tool just like the one that Mum or Dad has. These age appropriate devices do almost everything that the adult tablets can, but do so in a manner that fosters the learning experience.

The Innotab is designed to bring tablet style versatility to a play platform. Built to be kid proof in most situations, the Innotab features a full color five inch touch screen, a microphone for interactive ease, a headphone jack so that children can use it in places where parents need to concentrate on other things, and a wide array of fun and mind-expanding software, apps, and downloadable entertainment.

It is this abundance of software that really makes the Innotab such an amazing value. It starts with a full supply of interactive and animated e-books that draw the child into the action, as well as teach basic computer skills as they follow along. Many of these titles are drawn from the famed Disney library of film characters, and include new favourites such as Cars 2 and the Penguins of Madagascar, as well as classics such as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As children become more familiar with the operation of the Innotab, they can branch out into more self paced activities. They can spend hours of time mastering a plethora of learning games. Moving on, they can be introduced to the creativity enhancing capabilities of the paint and drawing modules of the Art Studio.

Because we live in an audio-visual world, the Innotab offers built-in support for playing MP3 and video files. Basic productivity applications are not forgotten either. There is a photo suite that introduces them to basic photo editing techniques, a notepad function to start them on the road to literary expression, clocks, calendars, calculators, and alarms to ease them into the more organised adult world they will soon enough grow into, and custom designed learning applications that parents can use to monitor their child’s progress on.

The Innotab is exactly the sort of device that we wish we could have had when we were kids. Simply put, it is imagination, adventure, and learning all wrapped up in one fascinating package that the little ones can’t wait to start exploring.

October 4, 2011
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