Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm

Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm

Entertain your children for hours with the happy animal families of Sylvania. The Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm set, like the entire line of Sylvanian houses and buildings, features quality construction with the little details that kids love. The Sylvanian line is known for solidly-built, original and child-appealing designs that will stand up to children’s play, while the detailing that makes the house a real home fuels their imagination.

This quaint country house has a thatched roof and half-timbered outside walls that add to its authentic country look. The massive chimney and the two dormers peaking out of the roof complete the perfect country home. This rural home has lots of room for the family to spread out, with a kitchen and living room on the first floor, two rooms on the second floor that could be a bedroom and bathroom and a third-floor dormer room to make a perfect second bedroom or children’s playroom. There are no rules or limits on a child’s imagination when playing with a Sylvanian family home!

Your child can walk her Sylvanian family of figures up the stairway to bed and tuck the children into bed while mother and father enjoy a few quiet minutes in the kitchen under the exposed wooden beams. The staircase moves, which allows the family more room to play. The Sylvanian Families Highfields Farms has working lights and a glowing fireplace for the family to gather around at night. Two AA batteries keeps the house well-lit so that mother can read a bedtime story to the little ones in the evening. Batteries are not included. Little fingers can open and close the doors and windows to let in the air on a hot day.

Because furnishing and figures are not included, your child can make her Sylvanian Families Highfield Farm her very own by choosing the furniture and family members personally. The house weighs 2.1kg, or just over 4.5 lbs., durable enough to withstand the sometimes rough handling of small hands. The Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm house is suitable for children ages 4 through 11. This toy is not recommended for children under age 36 months.

October 22, 2011
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