Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Play Set

Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Play Set

Are you looking for a fun farm toy for your children to enjoy? Have you purchased play sets in the past that have been less than satisfactory? Do you love toys that are not only adorable but also durable and long lasting? If so, this Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Play Set is right for you.

Children love to play make believe and create imaginary worlds out of their every day experiences. The best way for them to learn about the world is to let them ‘study’ it in the safety of their playrooms, and this barn play set serves that purpose perfectly. Do not miss out on the opportunity to let your children play on a farm – even if you live in the big city, there is no reason your children can not have wonderful farm experiences in their very own homes.

This play set is a great representation of necessary essentials on the farm. It consists of a red-roofed barn, hay bales, seed bags, assorted farm tools and an interactive winch accessory! The barn’s open floor plan means there is plenty of room for play inside of it as well as out, as well as plenty of room for the adorable Sylvanian farm animal toys, such as the ever-dapper Dapple the horse.

Because of the size of the farm tool accessories and the semi-advanced winch accessory, this play set is not safe for children under three years of age, and is specially recommended for children over the age of four. However, once children are old enough to safely enjoy this play set, they will be able to do so for many years – it is a toy that will grow with your child and always seem fresh, fun and full of possibilities.

This toy barn set will allow children to play for hours, learning about life on the farm and letting their imaginations run wild! If you want to purchase a play set that will create countless good memories for your children and last for years to come, the Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Play Set is definitely the right choice for you and your family.

October 9, 2011
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