Smokey the Fire Truck

Smokey the Fire Truck

Smokey the Fire Truck is a fun, interactive toy that is designed to go beyond the basics of the normal fire engine. The third addition to the Big Rig Buddies, Smokey is an awesome combination of fire truck, transformer and robot. This energetic toy will keep little ones busy for hours with his talking, singing, dancing and working water cannon. He is certainly a great pal to be had by every young aspiring fireman.

2 play modes: Smokey the Fire Truck has 2 different play modes. The first being 6-wheel mode. While in 6-wheel mode, Smokey can be used as a push toy full of action. Children can steer him in any direction across the floor; driving Smokey wherever there‘s a fire to be extinguished.

Smokey goes into his second mode, character mode, by pulling his lever all the way up. In this mode, Smokey encourages his playmates to sing and dance along with him. He will have children of all ages laughing at his jokes and comical sounds. One can’t help but want to laugh and play along with Smokey.

Lots of realistic and interactive features: Smokey has it all! Packed full of personality, Smokey promotes character play for kids. He speaks almost 100 phrases, has animated facial expressions and realistic lights and sounds. His water cannon promotes teamwork and imaginative play when children help Smokey put out fires by launching his ‘water bombs’, or as Smokey would say, “put the wet stuff on the red stuff’. Smokey also comes with sensors that enable interactive play. He can tell his friends when he needs more water and when he has had enough.

Children that love trucks will love playing along side of Smoking the Fire Truck. Smokey’s positive attitude, broad imagination and his great sense of humour make him a valuable, character-building purchase for any family.

From the Manufacturer:

Dimensions are 13×8.5×13.5 inches
Smokey the Fire Truck is recommended for children ages 3 and up.
This toy requires 4 ‘C’ batteries, which are included. A Phillips-head screwdriver will also be needed to replace batteries.
Smokey is for in-door us only.
If needed, this toy can be reset by turning off and on.

October 18, 2011
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