Peppas World of Playsets

Peppas World of Playsets

If your child is one of Peppa Pig’s biggest fans, they will love the new 6 in 1 play set. World of Play sets, offers this exciting play set, just in time for the holidays at around £30. It is sure to be one of this Christmas Season’s hottest sellers.

Toys stores and suppliers everywhere are stocking their shelves for this wonderful play set. It has been ranked to be one of the best items for this year’s 2011 Christmas Season. Peppa Pigs Play Set has six play sets in all. They are: “The Peppa House, Vets Surgery, Café Peppa Pig, Toy Shop, Den and Dolls House.”

Using these six different buildings, one can make a village, which will entertain a child for hours. The best part is all the buildings fit inside of each other, packing it up and taking it off to the sitter will be a breeze for Mum.

Children can play for hours creating and recreating a little village. The 6 in 1 play set is one of the best toys on the market, which will allow children to use their imagination. Who doesn’t love Peppa the Pig, now they can spend countless amounts of time with Peppa and the whole gang. There is so many different variations, which can be obtained with this set, your child will thank you over and over.

What a great way to show your child how much you love them this holiday season. All of the buildings have some special character. The largest buildings in the set are Peppa’s house and the Vet Surgical Centre. The smallest building in the set is the Dolls House. A few also have hinged doors to make playtime even more spectacular. The dimensions of this set is “33.0cm Width: 26.0cm Depth: 14.0cm.” It is suitable for children ages 3 and up. There many be too many little parts for those under 3.

This set is 100% easy to transport. It is lightweight and folds together nicely. This allows you to transport from babysitter to grandmas and back home. Your child will enjoy this holiday season with their new Peppa 6 in 1 play set.

October 29, 2011
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