Octonauts Octopod Playset

Octonauts Octopod Playset

Mattel has released the Octonauts Octopod Play Set. This fun toy is ideal for small children of either gender. Hours of imaginative play is possible with this exciting toy for the Octonauts fans.

Details Of The Play Set: Octonauts Octopod Play Set is designed for children ages three and over. The play set includes 10 playing pieces. Gup-A takes off from the Octopod base. Children have the ability to press the Octo Alert button to hear a variety of phrases and sounds. The octopod turns a complete 360 degrees. This imaginative toy is made from durable plastic to allow for a long life of play. The Octopod requires three nonstandard batteries that are included and weighs 1.5 KG. Adult assembly will be required.

Description: Sound the OctoAlert! Allow a child’s imagination to flourish and grow. Watch your children enjoy hours of fun play time with this wonderful, long awaited for Octonauts Octopod play set. Your child will take of on a fun-filled mission with Barnacles & Kwazii. Children are able to send Kwazii and Barnacles down the slide and through the Octopods. Children will be fascinated with the Launch Bay and load the team into GUP-A. Imaginations will flourish as a child brings down the rescue tools enabling them to save all the hurt and injured sea creatures. The injured animals are able to be brought back on the GUP-A. Adventures abound with the Octopod, as children investigate all the possible fun and adventures of the Octopod underwater sea life.

Features: Octonauts Octopod Play Set in a sturdy plastic toy that includes all of your child’s favorite Octonauts. The play set includes two figures, Kwazii & Barnacles. Three fun sea creatures to interact and play. There are four rescue tools included in the play set, a stretcher, barrel, net, and anchor. Children will be fascinated and thrilled with the Mini Gup-A Submarine. A removable Octo Alert with all the sounds and phrases associated with the octonauts. Imaginative and interactive play for smaller children without being overly complicated is the best feature of the Octonauts Octopod Play Set from Mattel.

October 8, 2011
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