My Keepon Robot

My Keepon Robot

Are you looking for a unique gift to give to someone special? Do you love finding toys that are a step above the norm? Are you a fan of musical toys, animated toys, or some combination of the two? If so, check out this information on My Keepon Robot, a fantastic toy that will keep anyone entertained for hours.

My Keepon Robot is a battery operated robotic toy with two distinct play modes, “touch” and “dance.” In touch mode, it will interact with you. Whether you poke it, push it or rub its adorable little head, it will respond with the appropriate movements and sound effects. In dance mode, instead of interacting with your touch, it will interact with any music it hears. It can pick up any musical tempos and move accordingly – it always knows how to keep in time with the beat!

My Keepon Robot also has a keen understanding of non-verbal communication. No matter how you choose to tease him, poke him or prod him, he will tell you how he feels about it! His various shakes and noises will let you clearly know how he is feeling, whether tired, playful, happy, sad or somewhere in between.

But how does My Keepon Robot work? This cute little robot buddy has inherited his technology from an older relative, the Keepon Pro. That robot was intended for research into social disorders, especially autism. Although My Keepon Robot is not quite as sophisticated, he stays true to the original Keepon Pro ideals! In fact, a portion of every My Keepon Robot purchase is donated to autism therapy research, ensuring that this toy is not only fun and exciting but also a great way to give back to the community.

Although My Keepon Robot is extremely easy to operate – he includes just two buttons, one for dance mode and one for touch mode – he is not intended for use by children under the age of six. However, he is still a fantastic choice for older children and adults of all ages! He is battery operated but also comes with a plug-in power adapter, just in case you want to keep him dancing and playing for hours after the batteries run dry.

October 20, 2011
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