Milky the Bunny

Emotion Pets Milky the Bunny Soft Toy

Emotion Pets has already made a splash with their special soft toys which seem to be the closest thing to a real pet developed to date. Now Emotion Pets, a UK toy company is launching a lovely new toy for your little girl or boy, Milky the Bunny.

Milky the Bunny is a doll sized electronic wonder in the shape of a bunny. electronic sensors are placed in just the right places throughout the body of the toy. Milky the Bunny is covered with soft white fur from head to toe. the doll features long white floppy ears, luminous large bunny eyes trimmed in dark lashes, floppy bunny feet for hopping, and a fluffy ball of fur for a cottony white tail.

Milky the Bunny cries when hungry, is always fluttering his eyes, chews and eats carrots, giggles when you tickle his feet. There are many other features that make milky the bunny an active, realistic toy for your little ones. Children as young as two and as old as six can enjoy playing with Milky the Bunny for hours. Besides being as cuddly as can be, Milky’s brilliantly developed and strategically placed electronic sensors allow him to have many different responses to cuddling, so Milky is never boring. He always has a different sound to make or muscle to move. Your child can spend hours playing with Milky and always find something new and exciting about the bunny. Milky even has an embedded microchip in his fur which helps him perform other amazing functions.

For Christmas, birthday or special day you can treat your child to a truly innovative, sophisticated, state of the art toy. You can bet Milky the Bunny won’t be discarded and left lonely like some other toys. Milky the bunny is soft, cuddly, beautiful and as brilliant as any bunny hopping around in the grass. Your kid will love it.

Emotion Pets, a UK company had developed this very special pet for children. Many different stores carry Emotion Pets including Milky the Bunny. Emotion Pets have been very popular since inception, and they can be bought on line at this select UK toy website.

October 12, 2011
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