LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus 4866

LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus 4866

The Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus 4866 should be a familiar sight to anyone who’s read the books or seen the Harry Potter films. This triple decker purple public transport was one of the most memorable magic moments in the series, carrying Harry back to Hogwarts by way of seeming to bend the laws of space and time themselves.

The Lego kit comes with everything you need to build the bus itself, plus Harry, Hedwig the Owl and a couple of bonus mini-figures: Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang. The Shrunken Head is here, too, and the Knight Bus can actually be rebuilt into a regular London bus for getting around discreetly.

The detail in this set is really astounding. An accurate replica of the bus as seen in the film and described in the books, the bus can be loaded up with various Harry Potter minifigures for all new adventures as well as broken apart and pieced back together in various forms and shapes. It’s not hard to imagine a magical Jalopy or truck being made from the pieces that come with the incredibly versatile kit.

Measuring five inches, or twelve centimetres long, and six inches, or fifteen centimetres tall, the bus has a nice size to it. The whole kit snaps together fairly well, which is a relief for anybody who’s ever played with a cheaper set of building blocks and been disappointed to see bricks falling off as soon as they take their own custom built car for a test ride. The durability of the LEGO Harry Potter line has really been excellent and up to the standards set by previous LEGO lines.

With the Harry minifigure and plenty of blocks that can be used to build any number of settings and props, the Knight Bus is perfect as a starter kit for any Harry Potter LEGO collection, or as an addition to an existing collection of Harry Potter kits. There are few Harry Potter fans that wouldn’t be more than a little excited to unwrap this set on their birthday or during any of the Winter Holidays.

October 3, 2011
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