Lego City Harbour

Lego City Harbour

Get to work with the City Harbour 4645 set from Lego. Updated in 2011, it takes 561 pieces to bring to life this realistic harbour scene. Once completed, the Lego set includes a cargo ship, port with moving equipment, a large truck, and four, fun mini-figures. The City Harbour seacraft is a green grain ship that can really float.

The chief officer mini-figure can oversee operations from the ship’s deck or take his place in an open observation room with a small mast and smokestack. The control room can be removed to reveal the crew quarters below deck. The control room roof can be opened to permit placement of the mini-figure at the controls. The ship includes authentic features such as levers, poles, and safety rails. Two cargo holds can be left open or covered to store the ‘grain.’ A real light keeps the ship on course for long, ocean voyages.

On the port, a tall crane move realistically from shore to ship. It has a sturdy clamshell bucket for a claw. These features allow the crane to transfer grain from the pier to the ship’s cargo hold. A conveyer belt runs the length of the pier. It transfers the grain to the crane. The pier office is located at the bottom of the crane. A small lighthouse with working light adds to the set’s realistic feel.

The main, wider part of the pier allows a red truck to operate. This operational dump truck can carry grain to the conveyer belt or be filled by the crane. The two mini-figure construction workers can operate the crane, drive the truck, visit the office, or use the shovel and broom from the main dock’s tool holder. A trashcan also sits on the main pier.

The narrower, shorter dock that attaches to the pier is the perfect place for a mini-figure fisherman to cast his fishing line. There’s also a box of fish to add to the scene.

The Lego City Harbour ship is 40 centimetres long, three centimetres wide and 12 centimetres deep. The dump truck is 12 centimetres long and 5 centimetres wide. The pier is 38 centimetres. The crane with office house is 20 centimetres tall.

October 27, 2011
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