iball 3

Iball 3

The iball 3 is the latest puzzle toy and has been voted the #1 new toy by various tech and consumer sites an Channel Five’s Gadget Show. One round with the puzzle and it’s easy to see why. Both fun and challenging, the toy will be a great Christmas gift for children and adults alike this holiday season.

Made with a semi-transparent blue outer shell, the iball 3 is roughly the size of a cricket ball. The puzzle ball is easily held in any size hands and incredibly addictive once you’ve started to play. The brilliance of the puzzle is its maddening simplicity. With a plastic orb and a few flashing lights, the creators of the puzzle have made a toy that consumers won’t be able to put down.

The object of the puzzle is to turn on a certain number of the coloured lights (there are six of them) and have them flash the same colour within a given amount of time. In level one, players must complete the sequence of three lights in less than 20 seconds. Once players have achieved this goal, they are automatically moved along to level two.

Level two’s game play is more difficult but players reap more reward if it’s beaten. In less than 60 seconds, players must complete a four light a sequence. If a player ‘wins’, they are given an i-code which gives them access to the World leader board. Here iball 3 players can see how long it took them to achieve the four light sequence, which colours they achieved and where they stand on the leader board.

At any time, players can revert back to level one by pressing buttons on the ball. Powered by three LR44 batteries, the iball 3 is an affordable gift for the season.

iball3 promises to train your brain in a fun way. People of all ages can easily complete the puzzle that may remind some of an electronic Rubik’s Cube. The little hand held puzzle is sure to be a hit this season. Buy one as a gift and buy one for yourself! If you don’t, you’ll find yourself ripping it out of the hands of your gift’s recipient so you can feed your addiction.

October 19, 2011
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