Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set

Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set

Whenever disaster strikes, it’s Fireman Sam to the rescue! Your budding fireman will enjoys hours of play helping Fireman Sam keep the families of Pontypandy safe. A durable playset for children 3 years and up, the Fireman Sam line of playtoys offers realistic detailing while leaving plenty of room for imagination.

Fireman Sam will stay busy all day rescuing the citizens of Pontypandy from their various disasters, including saving the cat that can’t seem to stop getting stuck in the tree. Fireman Sam will need all his skills and training when the roof and floor in the house collapse during a fire! Fortunately, Fireman Sam’s skills will guide him safely from the burning building. Sam’s fireman training also helps him save young Norman from various disasters, whether he’s just managed to get his head stuck in the porch rail or if he needs rescuing off the balcony in a fire. Luckily, Fireman Sam can save the day, whether the rescue is large or small.

Every fireman needs a full complement of tools. Fireman Sam will arrive with a ladder, hose, cones to keep the public safe while Fireman Sam goes about his work and buckets. The play house, tree, cat figure, young Norman and, of course, Fireman Sam are all included in the play set, which comes with a carrying handle for easy transport when visiting the relatives. The playset weights just 1.2 kg.

Young children are often fascinated by firemen and fires. Fireman Sam, dressed in full fire-fighting regalia, is an inspiring figure and role model for children who look up to firefighters as heroes. Playing with the play set, which shows fires in several parts of the house, also gives you a chance to talk to your children about the dangers of fire and to give you a natural way to talk about what to do in a fire. You can even use the playset to plan your own escape routes out of the house.

This Fireman Sam rescue set is fully compatible with the whole line of Fireman Sam toys, toys that not only entertain but teach your child and stimulate his imagination at the same time.

October 24, 2011
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