Doctor Who Dalek Factory Set

Doctor Who Dalek Factory Set

Ever wanted to build your own army of Daleks? With the Doctor Who Dalek Factory Character Building Set, you can. Featuring a range of robot construction tools, the factory set will satisfy your need to send hordes of Daleks through time and space.

One of the factory set’s key features is the movable conveyor belt, to give a realistic feel to the factory setting, with a variable speed, you decide how fast your army will grow. In addition, the components hopper contains all the human seeking and destroying elements any robot designer would ever need. From radar arrays to weapon resistant bodies, take your pick to make the most powerful Daleks ever. Of course for those seeking perfection there is also a rejected parts bin where components that didn’t make the cut are cut up for scrap.

Other key elements are the fully movable factory machine arm which actively swivels to deliver your very own chosen components. Coupled with the control panels, the factory is all set up and ready to mass produce an army sure to give Doctor Who the fright of his life.

The set also comes with two Dalek figures, one is a Dalek Scientist and the other one is a Dalek Drone. Together they make the whole set even more fun.

Suitable for ages 6 and up, this set allows children to interactively build their design of Dalek and feel a part of the Doctor Who universe. The easily manoeuvrable conveyor belt, machine arm and control panels invite kids to take part and build not only Dalek’s but their own story lines as well.

Brightly coloured and sharply designed, this Lego set is compatible with other Doctor Who Lego sets and of course can be reconstructed to form a modified version, just as the set itself allows children to build different versions of the self proclaimed ‘supreme beings’.

The Doctor Who Dalek Factory Set is a fun filled Lego set that has weeks of built in re-playability and with its place in the Doctor Who universe assured, this set will be many children’s favourite for years to come.

October 28, 2011
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