Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

The angry bird’s game has been very popular as an online or mobile application for many users and now thanks to Mattel there is finally the release of Angry Birds Knock on Wood board game for kids and adults. The player can join with their friends and use the angry birds to try and knock over the pigs on different structures and the one with the most wins.

Description and Features of the Angry Bird game;

The kids can build launch and destroy their counterpart’s buildings and knock over their pigs. The game comes with angry birds, pigs a sling shot structure pieces, mission cards and a launcher. The game is appropriate for kids ages 5 and up and from 2 to 4 players can play the game. There is no assembly required, no batteries needed, and all of the material is made from a strong plastic. The player starts by drawing a card and building a structure to put his pig on and their opponent tries to knock it down with any of the angry birds.

The dimensions are 20×5.1×26.7 cm and it weighs 386g, the game comes with 3 angry birds one yellow, one red and one black. There are 4 pigs and 14 structure pieces along with the slingshot and launcher, the player that gets over 1,000 points wins the game. The angry bird’s game is a great gift for the holidays and for anyone that has played the online or mobile version of this game knows how addictive it is and now the kids can get involved and play their own version of the angry birds.

With this game the kids can let their parents have their phones back so they can play their own angry bird’s game and everyone is happy. This Christmas will be a difficult one when it comes to choosing between all of the hundreds of toy options. The best thing to do is to let the kids choose what they want and then find a cheaper version that they can play with and still get the same excitement. Like with angry birds mum and kids will be equally happy.

October 27, 2011
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