Air Swimmers Shark

Air Swimmers Shark

Amaze family, friends, and coworkers with the only shark the swims through the air! This remote-controlled, inflatable creature makes life-like swimming motions to propel itself through indoor air-space. Consider it the perfect way to turn the office or home into a veritable sea bed and everyone around into instant divers.

Reactions of surprise and delight always follow this flying shark, as it virtually “swims” through the air by swishing its tail to move. Videos of this unique toy have spread all over the internet, showing hilarious surprise “shark attacks” into unsuspecting victims’ bedrooms and even a flipper-wearing scuba diver following his Air Swimmers Shark out of a lift!

The body measures 57 x 36 inches and is made of a durable nylon material. The realistic graphic design adorning the nylon cover makes this shark really come to life! Baring a mouth full of jagged teeth, friends and family will be taken aback as this uncanny sea creature prowls through its airborne territory.

The Air Swimmers Shark utilises helium inflation and can be reinflated as many times as necessary, although it retains functional inflation for up to two weeks. It is propelled by the back-and-forth tail sweeping motion controlled by the inconspicuous receiver mounted on the underside. The included controller can be used up to 40 feet away from the receiver and utilises a reliable infrared signal, so that you can guide this flying shark to wherever he may venture. The controller requires three AAA batteries, and the receiver requires 1 AAA battery.

The receiver/controller combination allows you to fly the Air Swimmers Shark in any direction, turning up to 360 degrees and moving up and down. That means that no part of the house or office is off limits to this prying sea creature, allowing you to explore every inch! You can make your Air Swimmers shark swim to the bottom of the ocean among co-workers’ vulnerable feet or up to the top of the sea to hunt among party balloons. The perfect surprise for parties and gatherings, no one is safe from this flying ocean predator with you in control!

October 25, 2011
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