LEGO City Police Station 7498

LEGO City Police Station 7498

Lego has produced another fun filled building set. The Lego City Police Station 7498 is the ideal toy for the child that loves to build Lego’s. Lego City Police Station is a most suitable toy for both boys and girls. This Lego Play set is not recommended for children under the age of five due to the many small pieces.

Description: The Lego City Police Station allows children to play cops and robbers in a whole new way! The Lego Police set consists of everything that will be required to build and enjoy playing with their very own police station. Lego people included with the building set are officers, robbers, and K-9 dogs.

Included Items: The Lego City Police Station has 597 pieces. A police helicopter, motorcycle, and van are the vehicles included with the set. Lego people comprise of five police officers and two robbers. Two K-9 police dogs make for added fun. Instruction are included on how to construct the Lego City Police Station.

Features: The Lego City Police Set is the ultimate in building fun. This wonderful Lego building set has achieved the National Parenting Centre Seal of Approval plus a Greatest Products award from iParenting Media. This Police City Set from Lego offers hours of entertainment and building fun. The variety of ways the Lego set may be played with are seemingly endless. The only thing to hold a child back is their imagination.

The Lego City Police Station spotlights a security control tower that keeps watch over any escape attempts. The jail ensures the robbers are behind bars. A police helicopter monitors the sky for criminal activity. The Lego police helicopter maintains a heliport pad to aid in take offs and landings. The Lego City Police Station building set includes a two gar garage for parking of official vehicles.

The Lego City Police Station 7498 promotes the best type of play, interactive and creative. Children are encouraged to use the imagination while playing with the Police Station. Lego building sets are designed to be durable and creative. The included instructions will show the child how to create the police station but individuality and creativity are always promoted by Lego.

September 30, 2011
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