Doctor Who Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set

Doctor Who Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set

A toy for everyone from the young to the young at heart, the Doctor Who Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set is a joy for anyone who enjoys the show. Whether you watched the original serials or just the new show, from the 9th Doctor onward, you know the sonic screwdriver pretty well.

There are three screwdrivers included – ‘base’ sonic screwdrivers, if you will. One is like the one belonging to the current 11th Doctor, one is a bit Steampunk-y and similar to the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, and one is a mixture of the screwdrivers belonging to different Doctors, but seems mostly like those belonging to the 9th and 10th regenerations.

They come apart into a total of 12 pieces and your imagination is the limit as to how you put them together. You can mix and match the four pieces that each screwdriver separates into – the controls, the pommel, the grip, and the head, which is the part that lights up. You can play with the screwdriver just as the Doctor wields it against bad guys or create your very own version with which to defend the Universe.

While the dimensions of the screwdriver vary, depending on which pieces are combined, you have over 80 possibilities for assembly. That’s on top of the lighting and different sound effects included on the pieces. The screwdrivers have eight sounds and the sound chips seem very dependable. The only consideration is the placement of the speaker. The speaker is placed opposite the sound button, so if you hold the screwdriver in the way the Doctor does, it sort of covers the little speaker openings and muffles the sound a bit. Keeping your fingers out of the way of it helps with this, though.

All of the components of the Doctor Who Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set are beautiful and have great detail. The set is meant for kids to play with, to assemble and reassemble many times, so it is made of plastic and seems very sturdy for that use. It doesn’t have the appearance of just another toy, though. If you want to purchase a set for your child to play with, you could buy another set for yourself to put on display – they’re just that nice looking.

September 8, 2011
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