Dance Star Mickey

Dance Star Mickey is the new life of the party!

One of the most beloved Disney characters comes to life as Dance Star Mickey. Yes, Mickey Mouse now sings, speaks, and dances with impressive animation. Made by the well known toy manufacturer Fisher-Price, this amazing animated toy encourages your child to sing and dance along with Mickey Mouse with a never seen before realism. Dance Star Mickey is a one mouse show that provides laughs, giggles, and entertainment to Mickey lovers of all ages.

What makes Dance Star Mickey such a fantastic toy is the amazing advanced technology animation and they way Mickey speaks with believable realism directly to your child, encouraging interactivity and fun for all. Every year one toy surfaces as the must have Christmas toy which usually results in a short supply of the toy as Christmas draws near. Dance Star Mickey is likely to be this year’s must have Christmas toy, making shopping as early as September, whether in the mall or online, a necessity.

Dance Star Mickey has brought animated toys to a new level with the most realistic animation found in a single toy. Mickey’s legs, arms, head and mouth are completely animated which allows Dance Star Mickey to perform six different dances to six different songs like “Shake Your Tail Now”, “Get Up Offa That Tail”, “Mouska Mambo”, ‘Moondance”, “M to the I” and “Techno”. Dance Star Mickey dances the mambo, claps his hands, sings, and even does the Mickey Moonwalk. Through every dance Mickey is encouraging to your child to join in the dance.

Mickey can also play interactive games with your children, like “Mickey Says”, which is Mickey’s own version of the children’s game Simon Says. Another interactive game is called “Freeze Dance” which is led by Dance Star Mickey who dances with your child until Mickey says stop and then Mickey changes the dance tempo to double time, and triple time, and way beyond. Use Mickey’s Freeze Dance for an old fashioned game of musical chairs at your next children’s party. Forget about hiring a clown or filling a piñata, Dance Star Mickey is all the entertainment the children will need at the party.

Plush Dance Star Mickey stands 15 by 12 by 7 inches tall, weighs 4 ½ pounds, and is recommended for children between the ages of 18 months to six years. Dance Star Mickey is battery operated and requires six AA batteries which are included.

September 4, 2011
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