Bop It XT

Bop It XT, the Newest in the Line of Reflex Games from Hasbro

Keeping with the fun tradition of Bop It games preceding it, Hasbro’s Bop It XT is a great new version that fans of the game will adore. Bop It XT follows the same premise as older versions as the game issues a series of commands to be followed. Players’ concentration and coordination are put to the test while being told in random succession to pull it, bop it, twist it, flick it, spin it or, new for the XT, shake it. The new “shake it” command can be disabled.

Commands must be followed quickly as moves are timed and the game tempo increases in all four difficulty levels. Making a mistake may yield a tease from the game’s voice box! Doing well while advancing through the four difficulty levels, novice, expert, master and pro, will also prompt comment from the voice box in the form of a compliment such as, “You’re on fire!”

The lightweight, colourful hand held game is 27.5cmX26cmX8cm and with four game play modes, very inviting and addicting. The game is recommended for ages 8 and above. Solo play is great and two players challenge each other in the head to head mode. Bop It XT is an excellent party game with pass it and party modes sure to please any group no matter the combination of ages.

Parents love that the game is contained with no loose pieces and provides endless fun for the children when parents are not stealing the toy away to play themselves, of course! A feature the XT boasts that is as much for the parents as the children is a headphone socket for quiet play. The same socket can be used for a megaphone, enhancing party play. There are three levels for sound control when the socket is not used.

Equipped with the necessary 3 AAA batteries, Bop It XT is enjoyed right out of the box. A welcome addition to any game collection, Bop It XT provides entertainment that is as zany as it is a great workout for the mind.

September 13, 2011
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