Lego Ninjago Fire Temple

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple

The Ninjago lego theme was released in January of 2011, and incorporates aspects from the Ninja series, while introducing new and exciting features like the skeletons. I must admit, I am not a Lego Aficionado, but I decided to pick this set up for a friend of mine who is.

Some of the facts:

1174 Pieces
Dimensions in inches: 22.8 x 14.7 x 3.3
Weight: 4.6 pounds

The Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 is unique in that it is the only in the Ninjango set to have all of the golden weapons. The weapons are the Nunchucks of Lightning, Scythe of Quakes, Dragon Sword of Fire, Shurikens of Ice, three golden swords, three black swords, two silver swords, one thunder bolt, one bone axe, one spear, one staff and two daggers. The figurines are Kai, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, Zane & Nya Mini Figures, Kruncha and Samukai.

The temple can also be split into two parts. Each part slides and reveals the Fire Dragon. Just lift the Sword of Fire, newly designed for this particular set. There is also a hole at the top of the temple where the Fire Dragon can poke its head through. The temple was featured in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and is also the largest of the series.

All in all, this kit is a very complex piece to put together. At first glance, it is a beautiful looking set. When you get down to a critical eye, you see a lot of more complex details that make it look gorgeous. The doors and screens have little prints on them. There are also green statue dragons that look very detailed. The dragon itself is very well detailed. Even though it’s a little piece of plastic, you get the sense of terror.

What I didn’t realise until my friend had put it together, is that there’s a game that goes with it. I guess I really don’t know anything about Legos. I found the game to be quite interesting and is a good addition to just playing with the temple and figurines. The only slightly negative mark is that once the unit is fully put together, it feels a tad flimsy. However, the set itself is beautifully crafted, and for the price of the unit, it is a very nice piece. The LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple is recommend for children 8 to 14 years.

August 20, 2011
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