FurReal Cookie

FurReal Cookie

Puppy lovers are sure to adore FurReal Cookie. Cookie is cuddly and ultra-soft. This tiny, golden retriever will move her head, bark and blink when spoken to exactly like a real puppy would do. She will also respond with heartfelt puppy noises, tail wagging and endearing barks to a child’s petting, through sensors located on her eyes, cheeks and head. Along with adorable Cookie comes a cute squeaky toy and puppy collar. Watch Cookie as she tracks her toy moving her head and eyes when the toy is in motion in front of her. This puppy is so lovable and huggable, your child will never want to put her down.

Cookie is 22.3 by 35.3 by 45 cm and weighs 1.9 Kg or 2.7 Kg in box. FurReal Cookie is suitable for ages four on up. The puppy requires 4 C batteries, which are included.

Cookie My Playful Pup will bring smiles to young and old alike and is the next best thing to owing a real puppy, minus the messes little puppies can and will make. She can be posed by your child to sit or lie down, and when her toy bone is placed in her mouth, she will chew just like a puppy. Bedtime for Cookie can be achieved by placing a hand on her head for a brief moment. In no time at all, Cookie will be snoring as any good puppy will do and will soon fall into a deep silent sleep. Your child can then snuggle in bed with Cookie for a night of peaceful dreams, ready to wake in the morning to once again begin playtime with this precious pet.

The perfect holiday or birthday gift, Fur Real Cookie is the most recent addition to the FurReal Friends from Hasbro Toy Company. What makes the FurReal Hasbro line special and unique is the fact that all the FurReal friends seem so real because of their interactive, electronic abilities. Hasbro uses the latest, state-of-the art technology in animatronics and has mastered voice and touch, as well as other sensory technology to bring Cookie and other Fur Real pets to life. The FurReal Hasbro line is very popular among children and parents alike, because each FurReal pet offers interactive playtime fun for never ending hours and hours.

August 13, 2011
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