Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile

Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile

The Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile tops the current wish lists of many children. The toy is modeled after a character in the popular Disney Pixar sequel, Cars 2. Finn McMissile is a British spy car, voiced by Michael Caine. At first glance the toy might look like any other children’s toy car, but the McMissile definitely has some unique features.

Under the cool car’s exterior lies some exciting design features. With a slight press on the car’s bonnet, two missiles pop up ready to fight off any enemies. The two twin missiles are identical, and when activated utter the words, “Enter weapons mode!” or a similar transition phrase, making it an exciting transformation from plain car to spy mobile! Of course, these missiles are merely for show and are safe for children to play with.

If the missiles aren’t quite enough to fend off any attackers, from the rear pops another surprise! From the trunk extends a launcher, ready to toss objects into any cars trailing behind Finn McMissile. Of course, no spy can safely reveal his true identify, and McMissile is no different. To hide his eyes, simply activate the spy screen that pops down from the roof’s interior. Aside from shielding his eyes from attackers, the screen also gives McMissile information about his enemies, so he can be informed as he drives!

One of the coolest and most exciting part of the Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile is that it is voiced by the same actor who plays the character Finn McMissile in the film. Michael Caine’s recognisable voice utters the sky car’s phrases, a feature that children and their parents both love. His voice truly sounds like a British spy, making the toy car feel authentic for children as he utter phrases like, “this is top secret,” and “we’re being followed!”

The Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile measures at 7.5 inches tall, 14 inches long, and 6 inches wide, and weight roughly 1.4 pounds. The blue colour is vibrant and stands out among other toys!

August 16, 2011
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