Barbie and The Saturdays Fashionistas Dolls

Barbie and The Saturdays Fashionistas Dolls

The newest and hottest line to hit the world of Barbie is the Barbie & The Saturdays Fashionistas Dolls. These dolls are modelled after the extremely popular girl band, The Saturdays, who have took the pop music world by storm. Each of these dolls is modelled after one of the five pop divas in the group and are sure to be a thrill for your child to own.

Each doll comes equipped with the latest fashions and also have interchangeable parts. Whilst accessories and clothes have always been interchangeable, these dolls feature interchangeable heads as well. This is an awesome new feature that Mattel has added and is sure to make playtime with these dolls much more entertaining for your child.

The Fashionistas dolls are available as five different girls. You can choose from Barbie Fashionistas Sweetie Doll, Artsy Doll, Sporty Doll, Sassy Doll and Girly Doll. Each comes with her own unique style of accessories and clothing. The Fashionista dolls all wear the trendiest fashions and clothing. Each doll has a distinct personality that is highlighted in their accessories and clothing. Each doll comes with her very own purse or different fashion accessory as well. There are also a wide variety of different accessories and play sets available as play additions for the Barbie and The Saturdays Fashionistas Dolls.

Collect all of the Fashionista Barbie Dolls available and you will have the latest of the glam, country-chic, and rock star styles. These Barbie dolls can all bend their elbows, twist at their wrists, bend at the waist and turn and nod their heads. Each doll is about 12 inches in height and does contain some small parts and accessories. Therefore, this toy is only recommended for children over the age of three. Just imagine the hours of glamorous fun your child will have with this new line from Barbie.

August 31, 2011
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