Tomy Toy Story 3 Aqua Doodle

Tomy’s Toy Story 3 Aquadoodle

The beauty of a the Toy Story Aquadoodle is that parents love it as much as kids do. Children get hours of enjoyment with no fuss and no mess for Mum and Dad to clean up later. Their imaginations can soar through the galaxy or the wild west with the Toy Story 3 Aquadoodle. Simply fill the pens with water and let your children draw, stamp, and roll their own version of the Toy Story adventure onto the extra large mat that measure 78 x 78 cm.

Toy Story 3 Aquadoodle comes with two of the best friends a child can have, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Woody works as a pen on the Aquadoodle mat, but he is also a stamper. Your child simply puts the stamper pad Woody like a cap on a pen and magically they are stamping their sheriffs badges all over the mat. Buzz Light year’s wings open up, so that he can fly over the galaxy as he rolls stars and planets out onto the mat. Children enjoy hours of fun because the pictures fade as the water from the pen dries, creating a new slate for them to draw on.

The mat is decorated with Buzz, Woody, Jessie, The Alien Squeaky toys and images of stars and planets in bright red, yellow and blue colours. The Aquadoodle is safe for children 18 months and older. Aquadoodle uses water, no ink, no chemicals, no small parts to lose, or create a choking hazard for smaller children. The package can be reused to store your Aquadoodle in when children are not using it, which will make mom happy. The Aquadoodle consist of the drawing mat, Woody pen, Woody stamper cap and Buzz Lightyear roller.

Its’ good clean fun for your creative little one and their friends. Children can’t draw outside the lines with the Aquadoodle so carpeting, furniture and tables are safe from damage. Parent’s can relax while children play, knowing that they are playing with a toy that develops a child as well as entertains them.

December 17, 2010
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