Lego Games Harry Potter Hogwarts 3862

Lego Games Harry Potter Hogwarts 3862

The Lego team is always reinventing the world of Legos. Now they have introduced the world’s first set of games that a child can build upon, play with and even change about. The LEGO Dice are durable and build-able. The game has changeable rules, making this a new experience each and every time played. If you become a student in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you can search the castle for your studies, race down the ever moving and changing staircases, then onto searching through the secret passages and then make your way back to the common room with all of your homework. If you do so first you are declared the winner of Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Game. The game can accommodate between 2-4 people.

The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts 3862 game comes with 1 build-able LEGO Dice, 9 different Lego microfigures, 5 specialty micofigures which includes Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley. There are also 4 student microfigures representing one from each house. There are 332 different Lego pieces, 1 rule booklet and a building instruction booklet.

The product dimensions are 12 x 3 x 11 inches and the shipping weight of the game is 2lbs.

94% of the people polled would recommend this Lego Games Harry Potter Hogwarts. The game comes with many extras. Sliding doors and flags are a few to mention. This makes it very popular among reviewers. The purchasers of this game like the fact that they are never bored. A game player can play the game for weeks and each time it is different without the game rules being changed.

It is fun for people of all ages. A parent can play with their child and both will have a brilliant time playing the game. The Lego team has another winner in this game.

December 10, 2010
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