LEGO Creator Sonic Boom

LEGO Creator Sonic Boom

With the LEGO Creator series of toys kids and kids at heart can create very realistic toys made from LEGOs. This series is brilliant because you get to use your toy LEGOs to create another toy. The LEGO Creator Sonic Boom 5892 is one of the most popular LEGO Creator toys because it is a 3 in one toy.

First you build a supersonic jet, complete with tail fins, and moveable landing gear. The cockpit opens and the afterburners light up, thanks to the Power Functions light up brick which comes with the toy. The set totals 539 pieces and it will take a good 2-3 hours to create the jet. After you have created the supersonic jet you can rebuild to create a dual propeller plane or a high speed boat.

Most LEGO fans agree that the best part of this set is the supersonic jet. It is 15” long and the colours are really sharp. Everyone loves the landing gear and the moving plane-parts. The cockpit is realistic and there is a lever to open the cockpit. The light up bricks are really neat too and the lever will turn on the lights.

Another great thing about the sonic boom jet is that once it is assembled it is very sturdy and ready for hours of play or display before it is rebuilt into one of the other cool Sonic Boom toys. The landing gear is also retractable and the colour scheme rocks.

After the jet is built you can still get hours of play time with it. It is a very realistic jet and as previously mentioned the red, white, and gray color scheme is really sharp. Now it is time to customise your jet and fly it. If you have other LEGO play sets you could open the cockpit and add a LEGO pilot of your choice. You could also add some LEGO missiles to the bottom from one of your other sets. Just don’t mix the parts up permanently.

Once you are ready to move on to something new go ahead and create the LEGO jet boat or the propeller plane. You are really only limited by your imagination with this LEGO Creator Sonic Boom 3 in 1 high-velocity vehicle set

December 6, 2010
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