Goochicoo Luvables Bear Hugs & Puppy Love

Goochicoo Luvables Bear Hugs & Puppy Love

Give em a Goochicoo, If your child is like most, they will get an abundance of presents this Christmas. Dolls, educational toys, and puzzles top the list, but how well thought out are these selections? When shopping for baby this year Goochicoo Luvables is sure to become their favourite toy. At just under ten inches this cute little doll with an almost bald head come in a variety of different characters for your child to love and interact with.

Goochicoo Luvables are suitable for children ages 12 months and up. One of the dolls names Bear Hugs & Puppy Love is a large 14 inches tall. She comes complete with her pet dog, Puppy Love, which she loves giving hugs and kisses to. She not only gives hugs and kisses to her pet, she loves to give them to her owner as well. Bear Hugs also has a dummy around her neck which she can suck on, slurps milk, blows kisses, and makes ooh and aah noises when cuddled.

Since the Bear Hugs & Puppy Love doll has a bald baby look and totes a paci or dummy as they are called in the UK little ones can identify with her unlike any other other doll out there. While children are playing with her they will be learning spacial awareness and the things that occupy the space around them. Ideally while while playing with Bear Hugs your child will learn interactive role play by feeding, tickling, and pretending to do daily activities while the doll reciprocates with kisses and cooing noises.

Bear Hugs & Puppy Love are just one set in the Luvables line which includes little rascal, kitty cat & little star. Each individual set brings their own characteristics to role play for all children over a year. Each set is vibrant in colour drawing youngsters attention to them quickly, comes complete with a pacifier, as well as fun things like sunglasses, bows, and bottles. With cute accessories and names like Bear Hugs, Puppy Love, and Hogs And Kisses the Goochicoo Luvables line is sure to a unique hit with your children this Holiday Season.

December 2, 2010
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