Addictaball: A 3D Puzzle for Hours of Enjoyment

Addictaball is a 3D labyrinth that can be both fascinating and maddening. The entire labyrinth is contained within a 13 to 19 cm sphere. The size depends on whether the puzzle being played is the large or small version. The smaller ball surrounds of 100 sections of labyrinth, while the larger one encompasses 138 sections.

The brightly coloured sections are enclosed in a clear plastic globe, making the steel ball bearing easy to view. This durable sphere is formed in two separate halves and held together with a brightly coloured band. Addictaball is large enough to hold with both hands, which helps in manoeuvring the bearing through each section of the labyrinth. It is still difficult to maintain constant contact between the steel bearing and the section it is rolling on, despite the plastic track being fitted with sides.

Each vibrant section is noticeably marked with a number. The numbering system makes it easier to keep track of which section is next in line and also which one still needs to be mastered. Going from one section to the next is achieved by rotating the sphere with both hands. It takes steady hands and patience to keep the bearing on the correct path. This 3D labyrinth is excellent for improving hand-eye coordination.

Twisting and turning the giant sphere makes for hours of fun and is truly addicting, thus making this puzzle aptly named. No batteries are required for the Addictaball to function, which is always a plus. Having a game rendered useless due to battery failure is always disappointing. There also aren’t any buzzers, beeps, or other obnoxious sounds that can become irritating while completing a puzzle that takes concentration.

Steady hands make this 360 degree labyrinth-embracing orb a bit more user-friendly. It is perfect for ages 8 and up and makes a great gift.

December 12, 2010
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