Zingzillas Big Zing Playset

Zingzillas Big Zing Playset

The musical and lovable characters of ZingZillas are now featured in the interactive and fun ZingZillas Big Zing Playset. From the beloved BBC television show ZingZillas, now comes an interactive and fun playset. Children who want to enjoy their favourite group can now do so whenever they please all at the drop of a coconut.

Though this set is made for all of the lovable primates, Panzee and Drum are not included and are sold separately. However this set does come with the fun Beach Byrds, who say everything tunefully, as well. The only ZingZillas that are included are Zak and Tang. All of the included figures are placed on the island along with their instruments and accessories. Both Zak and Tang are exclusive figures and are fully posable. The last characters included in this set are the Moaning Stones. The set comes complete with detailed festive looking palm trees, a purple stage, and of course sand.

What also comes with this set is a coconut clock. Once the last coconut from the clock falls, the stage will light up and trigger the Zings to sing their theme song. The ZingZillas also say some of their favorite phrases as well as performing, making it more interactive. In order to hear each ZingZilla sing, each of the figures must be plugged into the stage, doing so will cause them to say their phrase before singing their part in the theme song.

This set requires three AAA batteries and is an electronic toy. It should only be given to children three years and older. The ZingZillas Big Zing Playset is great for children and encourages children to use their imagination. The colour and style of each playset may vary. The weight is 2kg. The assembled dimensions of the ZingZilla Big Zing Playset is 31.2 x 25.1 x 50.3 CM. Some assembly is required for this playset.

November 12, 2010
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