WWE Money In The Bank Match Ring

WWE Money In The Bank Match Ring

The Money in the Bank Match Ring is realistic and functional. This exciting toy is perfect for the kid who likes exciting high-flying action. The WWE line of toys is known for the little details that make their playsets unique. The Money in the Bank Match Ring is no different. The attention to detail lets kids and collectors recreate their favourite hard-hitting WWE In The Ring moments.

The ring is 22” and stands 22” tall. It is recommended for kids 6 years and up. It features three ladders to recreate WWE’s ladder matches; the legendary contract brief case is included. Your wrestlers can flip, tilt, and climb their way to a victory during a Monday Night Raw or Smackdown match. The Undertaker and John Cena can have a rematch in your living room using the 3 action points built in the ring. The action figures can be propelled by their arms and legs across the arena. The WWE Money in the Bank Match Ring has a giant 20” retractable TitanTron video screen with sound effects and lights.

The playset includes a life size contract just like the ones used by the WWE. Collectors young and old will appreciate the unique WWE-specific accessories that are included. Kids can recreate all the moves with their Flex Force figures inside the classically recreated miniature ring with spring ropes. This toy is a deal especially for those fans who have been paying for Pay-Per-View Money in the Bank matches.

Flex Force action figures are not included with the playset, but are a perfect accompaniment if buying as a gift set. The action figures can being their own personal detail to the at home matches. The WWE Money in the Bank Match Ring delivers life-like detail and big fun for all fans of the WWE wrestling circuit.

November 23, 2010
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