Weebles Musical Treehouse

Weebles Musical Treehouse

The Weebles are back, and they have resurfaced with a whole new line of toys and game sets that will delight children of all ages. Brightly coloured and large, vivid pieces. This toy is ideal for the 18 month olds up to 3 year olds. The colours, and moving parts will even captivate the up to 6 year old categories.

The set comes with two smiling, cheerful Weebles. There is a boy and a girl Weeble, dressed in fun attire, ready to play. The treehouse has a crank staircase that will aid little ones in their hand coordination, and a large, vivid blue deck that teeters and totters like their new friends do.

There is a curved slide the Weebles can use to exit the treehouse. The house is even adorned with a Weebles flag. Eight different sound effects add to the excitement of this set. Every twist and turn your new friends make will be accompanied by an exciting new sound, or sing along music.

Your little ones will enjoy the four delightful sounds as well. The Weebles Treehouse is durable and can withstand even the roughest play. Easy to set up, just add three AAA batteries for the sounds and music, and you are ready to go. Many parents say that they will reccomend this toy to a friend. The majority state that they have even bought this toy for a friends’ child, or as a birthday gift for others’ children.

A positive point for many parents is that they state it is quite easy to clean. The durable plastic can be wiped clean with a warm sponge. The Treehouse also has a built in handle to enable your little one to carry the toy around with them. They can even secure their weebles inside the treehouse in the secret hiding place in the base of the tree. Giggling noise, a swooping sound as the Weeble slides down the slide, all will delight your child. Hours of fun and play are in store with the Weebles Treehouse.

November 25, 2010
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